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Hate spiders?

You're going to love my latest Drabble for Black Hare Press. Especially if you are male, Read "Parachnoids" here.

Hekate's Daughter at Arcana

I recently took part in an online art and writing event called “Arcana”. It’s usually held in Munich in a gallery - but not this year, thanks to Covid. The show is based around the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Twenty-two artists and the same number of writers are randomly assigned a card to spark their creative vision. I received “The Moon”. You can read (or listen) to my story “Hekate’s Daughter” here.

Another new microfiction online!

Read "Hunting Fae" online at Black Hare Press


Fortitude by Karen Bayly

"Fortitude" is available in paperback from Lulu and in digital format from:
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Also in the Apple Books store.

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