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Author Question: What bugs you as a writer?

The thing that bugs me most the is competing views of editors and readers (especially beta readers). It’s a balancing act that I’m still learning. Writing so that one satisfies the needs of both editors and readers is a skill.

For example, some editors have criticised me for “too much exposition” and told me to “work it unto the story.” Then, without changing a word, another set of readers will say the story doesn’t make sense. They want more backstory or description.

Ultimately, I base what I write on what I like to read. I like it when an author spends a few pages painting a picture of how their world works or its history, especially as a prologue. I followed this template in Fortitude, given I set it in a parallel world with a different but recognisable history. My publisher believed it was good to get the basics laid down, so the story could flow more easily. And I agreed!

I would like to look this good when writing.

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