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Book Recommendation: The Bobcat by Katherine Forbes Riley

I finished this book before I went to sleep one night. I woke up the next day still thinking about it and cocooned in literary happiness. In many ways, this is a romance, and I’m not a huge fan of the genre. Romance is fine when it’s a small part of a bigger story, but as the focus, it usually leaves me cold.

However, I love “The Bobcat”. The characters are unusual, beautiful, and completely relatable. The love between the protagonist and her love interest is intense yet gentle, drifting off the pages like a sweet fragrance. I’m sure many people won’t like the story - the fact that the male love interest’s name isn’t revealed until the last page will irk those who like everything explained upfront. However, I thought it was a wonderful device for catapulting the dreaminess of the previous pages into the real world. The writing is luscious, deep, and meant to be savoured. A great debut.

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