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Boredom, Dreams, and Happiness

I’ve been a teensy bit jaded with life lately. Okay, make that a big chunk bored. It’s not just me either. I hear this sentiment echoed by friends and acquaintances around the world. Isolation highlights where our lives aren’t functioning so well, but it also underscores something more insidious. Su…

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Words Into The World

I’ve been in editing mode for the past month. Editing a short story, editing a novelette, and editing my second novel. This week I felt the need to write something new, so I wrote a drabble* and a short story set in the world of “Fortitude”. However, as both were for submission into anthologies, I e…

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New Londinium

Another new year is almost upon us. I’m not sure how I feel. I’m trying to be hopeful but the out of control bushfires, poor air quality from the smoke, and the all too common heatwaves here in Australia do not encourage hope or optimism. I wonder if “2020” is predictive? Will it be the year we see …

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On Awards and Gratitude

On Awards and Art

I received a newsletter recently from Jonathan Fields of The Good Life Project where he wrote:

“I just know when something moves me. Increasingly, I wonder if that’s the true measure of art. In any form. To push us beyond aesthetic appreciation. Past rational examination and inte…

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The People of “Fortitude”

Much of my writing inspiration comes from free writing. Free writing is a technique in which you write continuously for a set period (say ten to fifteen minutes) without regard to spelling, grammar, or topic.

I especially love free writing to prompts. I’ve done many writing prompt courses online ov…

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My novel, “Fortitude”, came out last week in both paperback and digital forms. I’m quite chuffed as it is over six years since I completed the first draft.

“Fortitude” has been described by several readers as an eclectic blend of science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk. This means that no maj…

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Writing and Me

I don’t really like talking about my writing process as I’m not sure it’s the slightest bit interesting. Yet I do understand that other people seem to want to know the hows and whys of why authors write. For me, it is straightforward - I sit down, put my fingers on the keyboard, and type.


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