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News Booth - Getting older and getting up

There is still lots of good stuff happening out there amidst the bad but this offering is a more personal News Booth.

The Bad News: Getting older has a lot to answer for

I always thought life would get easier as I got older but I was wrong. Not that it gets any more difficult - at least not yet! However, it seems for everything you learn to accept or overcome, life continues to throw new things to accept or overcome. Ah, well. C’est la vie!

There are some days when I really do not want to get out of bed but I do and here is why...

The Good News: 6 things that make getting up worthwhile no matter your age...

1. Coffee

I love my morning coffee. I am NOT a morning person, although my cats and day job insist I must be. Coffee is heaven in a mug. The flavour, the aroma… mmm. A mug of Oxfam Fair South American blend sets me up for the day.

2. Animals

All kinds, vertebrate and invertebrate. They are what make this world beautiful, magical, terrifying, and wondrous. Puny humans, pfft! (Yes, I know we’re destroying the world but this is supposed to be the good news.)

3. Trees

Well, all vegetation really, but there is nothing like a canopy of trees holding you in its leafy embrace to make you feel you belong to the earth. And hugging trees... that’s good as well.

4. Petrichor

Petrichor is the pleasant, earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry ground. Australian scientists Isabel Bear and Richard Thomas identified and named a yellowish oil trapped in rocks and soil which moisture releases. This oil is responsible for the wonderful smell. The word itself comes from the Greek petra, meaning “stone”, and īchōr, the ethereal fluid that takes the place of blood in gods and immortals.

5. People who love me

I don’t have many of these but I value the ones I have - too much to add their photos. So here’s a picture of some kids on an adventure instead.

6. Hope

Without it, life is not worth living. When I cannot find it in myself, I can often find it in a glorious sunrise, a starry night, a cat’s purr, or a Photoshopped image combining the three (you have to imagine the cat's purr).

What gets you up and into the day?



I recently did short interview about writing for the Studio 2166 Creatives Meetup at our local library. The video also is to help promote Fairfield City Creative Writers group which meets for the first time on 14 March.

Interview for Studio 2166

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