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Book Recommendation: The Wolf and the Watchman by Niklas Natt och Dag

It's no secret that I love Nordic Noir and I'm partial to stories in an historical setting (real or imagined). Niklas Natt och Tag* has married both genres admirably.  I found the story engrossing and extremely uncomfortable at times. One character's tale was so depraved and horrifying that I avoided reading it before bed and breathed a loud sigh of relief when it was done. (You have been warned!) The characters are memorable, if not always likeable, and the moral questions tended towards haunting rather than being forced down the reader's throat. I suspect I will think about this one for a long time.

* Natt och Tag = Night and Day. Best surname ever IMHO, belonging to a line of Swedish nobles  and officially known since the year 1280.


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